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S5 Building bridges and crossing boundaries

Stage 5 PDHPE

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Killalea State Park 

Program overview 

At the cusp of adulthood responsibility, Stage 5 students learn and develop interpersonal skills and resilience in individual personal and group situations. Working in teams with defined goals and sharing leadership roles, students will appreciate the role of effective communication, empathy and inclusion required for collaborative success.

Key inquiry and focus questions

How do empathy, inclusion and respect have an impact on myself and others?


Learning experiences 

4 way tug-o-war

Teams select from one of four individual tug-o-war ropes in a game of elimination. With each initial round finishing in a stalemate, teams must realise that this challenge is more brains than brawn if they are to win

Initiative activities

Working in groups of approximately eight, small teams must combine their strength, balance, intellect and most importantly teamwork to complete a wide variety of challenges, ranging from the easy to the downright frustrating. In order to succeed, groups must carefully consider and utilize each person’s unique skills to overcome the problem at hand.

Building bridges

A series of obstacles need to be crossed by using a bridge. Teams of students work together to interpret instructions and build Leonardo’s Bridge. Once the bridge is completed each team member crosses over. The bridge is deconstructed and carried to the next obstacle. 

Running away to join the circus

Students hone their balance and coordination with a variety of circus tricks. Plate spinning, flower sticks, hoola hoops, yoho diablos and slack lines will test student’s abilities to learn and perfect a new skill which they will then perform to their peers.

Canoeing and kayaking

Students are introduced to the safety equipment and techniques required to enjoy the watercraft safely. Subject upon tide and wind conditions, students are led to a variety of Minnamurra River locations including Rocklow Creek or river entrance. 


Outcomes - PDHPE

  • PD5-1 assesses their own and others’ capacity to reflect on and respond positively to challenges

  • PD5-3 analyses factors and strategies that enhance inclusivity, equality and respectful relationships

  • PD5-9 assesses and applies self-management skills to effectively manage complex situations

  • PD5-10 critiques their ability to enact interpersonal skills to build and maintain respectful and inclusive relationships in a variety of groups or contexts