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Teamwork and Leadership: Stages 3-6

Teamwork and Leadership Stage 3 - 6 PDHPE

Choose the program that best suits your excursion aims. 

Leadership and Teamwork

Stage 3 - 5 PDHPE 

Challenging teamwork activities and experiences, followed by structured reflection time for students to observe and develop positive attributes including respect, perseverance, creativity, communication and kindness. 

The Amazing Race 


Stage 6 - Life Ready

Designed to complement a positive wellbeing day for Stage 6 students completing the Life Ready initiative.  Variations of the Amazing Race can be added to Leadership and Teamwork days for other stages. 


Team Bonding

Stage 3-5 PDHPE

A positive wellbeing day for students whilst also providing the opportunities for practicing interpersonal and teamwork skills.  This program is best suited for an end of year celebration day or a cohort bonding day.