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The Amazing Race

Stage 6 PDHPE

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Killalea Regional Park 

Program overview

This program aims to build and develop interpersonal skills and resilience across personal and group situations, with a focus upon empathy, inclusion and respect.


Learning experiences

Amazing Race

Students in groups of around eight set out on a series of team work challenges at various locations around Killalea Regional Park. They cannot move onto the next station until a staff member is satisfied that they have successfully completed the challenge.  Challenges require a mix of mental strategy and physical skill.

Initiative Activities

Working in groups of approximately eight, small teams must combine their strength, balance, intellect and most importantly teamwork to complete a wide variety of challenges, ranging from the easy to the downright frustrating. In order to succeed, groups must carefully consider and utilise each person’s unique skills to overcome the problem at hand.

Survival Challenges

Utilizing basic equipment, students must work as a team to construct a shelter to protect them from the elements. Their shelters must survive the incoming ‘rain’, before the second component can begin. Taking the lead from Bear Grylls, students are set the challenge of cooking marshmallows over a fire. However, to create the fire, no matches will be supplied. Instead students must use a flint and steel to light the tinder, which must then be used carefully to light a larger fire to cook their marshmallows.

Circus skills

Students hone their balance and coordination with a variety of circus tricks. Plate spinning, flower sticks, hoola hoops, yoho diablos and slack lines will test student’s abilities to persevere with learning a new skill.