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Yr 11 Earth's Natural Systems

Earth’s Natural Systems; Minnamurra River

Year 11 Geography

The processes, cycles and circulations connecting natural systems.



Minnamurra River 

Program overview

Minnamurra River forms the basis of a thorough case study for the Earth’s Natural Systems focus area, involving pre-excursion learning materials delivered via a googlesite, a field-trip to collect primary data within the Minnamurra Estuary and a sample field report assessment task. This body of work allows students to investigate how  the ‘natural processes, cycles and circulations have shaped the land and water cover of the Minnamurra River’.


Supporting resources

Follow the links for supporting resources for teachers and students.

Key outcomes adressed

A Student:

  • examines places, environments and natural and human phenomena, for their characteristics, spatial patterns, interactions and changes over time GE-11-01
  • explains geographical processes and influences, at a range of scales, that form and transform places and environments GE-11-02
  • analyses and synthesises relevant geographical information from a variety of sources GE-11-05
  • identifies geographical methods used in geographical inquiry and their relevance in the contemporary world GE-11-06
  • applies geographical inquiry skills and tools, including spatial technologies, fieldwork, and ethical practices, to investigate places and environments GE-11-07
  • applies mathematical ideas and techniques to analyse geographical data GE-11-08
  • communicates and applies geographical understanding, using geographical knowledge, concepts, terms and tools, in appropriate forms GE-1