Illawarra Environmental Education Centre

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Excursion costs

Excursion costs

  • Fieldwork excursion or incursion $7 per student
  • Fieldwork excursion with water activities $12 per student
  • Mt Keira Scout Camp additional booking fee $3 per student (plus GST). NOTE: 100 students max.
  • Multiple date bookings throughout term - first day $7 per student, following dates $500 per IEEC teacher needed. 
  • Large group bookings 
    IEEC advises that groups over 100 students are booked over two dates.  Large groups will be capped at 150 students and cannot be guaranteed due to staffing availabilty and space/equipment to run the program.

    Schools will be charged $7 per student for the first 100 students,  followed by an extra charge of $800 to help cover staffing costs for the day.

Occasionally rates will require negotiation, such as where extra casual staff are needed to run the program.