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S4 Real wild child

Stage 4 PDHPE

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Killalea State Park 

Program overview 

In a world of increasing disconnection with nature, students are “re-wilded” in the beautiful surrounds of Killalea State Park. Students learn the skills and attitudes to feel safe in the outdoors as well as develop interpersonal skills and resilience across personal and group situations. Together we focus upon empathy, inclusion and respect for each other, and develop appreciation of the natural environment.


Key inquiry and focus questions

How do empathy, inclusion and respect have an impact on myself and others?


Learning experiences 

Giant Parachute

The entire group must work as one to allow the giant parachute to beat like a heart. Once synchronized, students will be led in a variety of games which require complete coordination from every team member to realise their full potential.


Students are introduced to the use of a compass. They then use the compass to navigate around Killalea State Park on a set orienteering course.

Survival Challenges

Utilizing basic equipment, students must work as a team to construct a shelter to protect them from the elements. Their shelters must survive the incoming ‘rain’, before the second component can begin. Students are set the challenge of cooking marshmallows over a fire. However, to create the fire, no matches will be supplied. Instead students must use a flint and steel to light the tinder, which must then be used carefully to light a larger fire to cook their marshmallows.

Bush Tucker & Edible Bugs

Students are shown a variety of edible plants on the Minnamurra Spit Dunes and Rainforest. They are then further challenged with the opportunity to sample various edible insects.


Students are equipped with yabby pumps, dip nets and fishing rods and conduct a range of fishing activities and interactions with lifeforms upon the eastern bank of Minnamurra River.


Outcomes - PDHPE

  • PD4-3 investigates effective strategies to promote inclusivity, equality and respectful relationships

  • PD4-9 demonstrates self-management skills to effectively manage complex situations

  • PD4-10 applies and refines interpersonal skills to assist themselves and others to interact respectfully and promote inclusion in a variety of groups or contexts