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Killalea State Park

Killalea State Park - home of Illawarra EEC

Killalea State Park is a nature and recreation reserve and a culturally significant location for the local Dharawal community.  

Features include a national surfing reserve, littoral and subtropical rainforest, coastal dunes, rocky shores, an estuary, lagoon and woodland.  Killalea is an adventurer’s playground and an ideal location for young children to connect with nature.

Transport information

Killalea State Park, Killalea Drive, Shell Cove.

Enter through Killalea State Park entrance gate. Drive 150 metres and park opposite Illawarra EEC building.

Pick up from same location on opposite side of road.

Illawarra EEC offers the following programs at Killalea State Park

Early Stage 1 Geography

 People live in places


Stage 1 Science and Technology, Living World

Habitat heroes - with Taronga’s Zoomobile animals


Stage 1 Geography

Features of places


Stage 2 Science and Technology, Earth and Space

Killalea rocks


Stage 2 and 3 Science and Technology, Physical World

Stage 2 - Energy makes things happen

Stage 3 - Transfer and transformation of energy


Stage 4 Geography

 Water in the world


Stages 3-6 PDHPE

Leadership Initiatives