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S3 Child re-wild

Stage 3 PDHPE

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Killalea State Park 

Program overview

In a world of increasing disconnection with nature, students are “re-wilded” in the beautiful surrounds of Killalea State Park. With an emphasis on having fun whilst engaging in new experiences, students learn to feel safe in the outdoors, as well as develop interpersonal skills and resilience across personal and group situations. Together we focus upon empathy, inclusion and respect for each other, and develop appreciation of the natural environment.


Key focus questions

How do empathy, inclusion and respect have an impact on myself and others?


Learning experiences  

4 way tug-o-war

Teams select from one of four individual tug-o-war ropes in a game of elimination. With each initial round finishing in a stalemate, teams must realise that this challenge is more brains than brawn if they are to win

Initiative Activities 

Working in small teams students must combine their strength, balance, intellect and most importantly teamwork to complete a wide variety of challenges, ranging from the easy to the downright frustrating. In order to succeed, groups must carefully consider and utilize each person’s unique skills to overcome the problem at hand.

Bare foot exploration and sensory experience

Students shed their shoes and feel natural surfaces just as their ancestors did. A variety of textures are experienced with both hands and feet, with emphasis on balance and movement skills as the students negotiate a course. After washing their feet, students can then experience the timeless experience of rolling down a grassy hill.

Beach Activities

Students are introduced to the Farm Beach, the venue for a series of activities. Students will build, collect, discover and may well get wet feet as they race to complete the set challenges.

Outcomes - PDHPE

  • PD3-3 evaluates the impact of empathy, inclusion and respect on themselves and others

  • PD3- 9 applies and adapts self-management skills to respond to personal and group situations

  • PD3-10 selects and uses interpersonal skills to interact respectfully with others to promote inclusion and build connections